The Worldwide Church of Light uses the power of film to illuminate the pressing issues that our communities face, such as homelessness, single mothers struggling to make ends meet, crime, unemployment, and more. We produce movies that serve as beacons of hope, illustrating that there is always a way out of challenging circumstances. Currently, we are in the process of creating a new movie titled “The Turnaround”.

This film tells the story of a once happy family of four, whose lives are shattered when the husband tragically passes away. The family is suddenly plunged into poverty, forcing the widow to take on two jobs in order to support her son and daughter. Despite her best efforts, the financial strain pushes her to the brink of losing everything and experiencing a nervous breakdown.

In a moment of deep despair, the widow suddenly hears a gentle yet powerful voice saying, “take responsibility for your life”. Overwhelmed with a surge of emotion, she falls to her knees, trembling. As tears stream down her face, she begins to realize that she has been unwittingly playing the role of a victim in her own life story. This profound realization sparks a transformative journey within her, leading her to seek out training opportunities for a better, more fulfilling job. Through unwavering hard work, sheer determination, and a newfound sense of purpose, she is able to gradually turn her life around. Slowly but almost miraculously, she begins rebuilding a brighter, more promising future for herself and her beloved children, filled with hope and possibility.